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Google allows sharing Chrome Web Store apps with Google+ friends

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Only recently the +1 button was bestowed with the recommendation feature and now the search engine giant has facilitated sharing favorite apps of the Chrome Web Store with Google+ friends, using the key. All that users are required to do in order to suggest applications is hit the +1 button from the detail page in the Web Store.

When in the Chrome Web Store, subscribers can click on the ‘From your circles’ link to find out if a particular app has been recommended by any of their friends. This link is in the category menu positioned on the left-hand side, informs the official Google Chrome blog.

“Since I started working on the Chrome Web Store, all my friends have been asking me which apps to try out. Between checking with colleagues for their suggestions and creating shared lists on Google spreadsheets, I thought there must be an easier way to share my favorite apps with the rest of the world. We hope that this new feature will help you share the best that the store has to offer and discover great new content from your friends. If you don’t have a Google+ account, you can easily sign up to get started,” states Hui Guo, Software Engineer, through a post on the official Google Chrome blog.

Chrome Web Store Recommendations 02

And those who may be new to Google+ or do not have enough people in their circles, can directly have a look at recommendations by members of the Chrome team. Additionally, the app store now indicates if the application has been +1’d by a friend or not, making it simpler for subscribers to choose the right one.

The sharing feature for the Chrome Web Store applications through Google+ has now gone live.