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Google AdWords ‘Click-to-call’ launched in India

Google logo Today, Google announced the availability of Adwords ‘Click-to-call’ – a ground-breaking online advertising product, in India. With ‘Click-to-call’ ads, users can speak directly to an advertiser they find on a Google search results page; over the phone and absolutely free.

The new google ‘click-to-call’ ads are identified by a green telephone handset located next to the ad text. Clicking on the title of the Google ad will result in the ad expanding to display a field to enter a telephone number. Once the phone number is entered and the user clicks ‘Connect For Free,’ a call will be placed to the number provided and the user’s phone will ring. On answering, the user will be connected directly to the advertiser. In addition to providing speed and convenience, Google click-to-call ads will protect user privacy by blocking the users’ phone number from the advertiser.

“Click-to-call is in line with our mission of looking for new ways to help our advertisers reach their customers and will increase the usefulness of the Internet for shoppers, merchants and advertisers in India. It will be particularly valuable for merchants or advertisers who may not have a website or as a supplementary channel for those who currently use local directories to reach potential customers. Google Click-to-call ad can also be used to generate added leads for clients that offer services via phone or call center to their clients,” said Sundararaman K, Head of Sales, Google India.

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