Google adds Privacy Link on its Website Homepage

Google Homepage Change

Concerned about the privacy of internet users, Google has made changes in its homepage. The popular search engine has added a privacy link on its home page. This link goes to the Privacy Center of the company.

Commenting on the Google’s official blog, Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience at Google said, “The new “Privacy” link goes to our Privacy Center, which was revamped earlier this year to be more straightforward and approachable, with videos and a non-legalese overview to make sure you understand in basic terms what Google does, does not, will, and won’t, do in regard to your personal information.”

While adding the new link, Google has also taken in account the size of the homepage, so it loads faster. It has maintained the word count of 28 on the homepage. Google has decided to remove its company name which was previously written at the bottom of the page and replace it with the word “Privacy”. That means now users will see “©2008 Privacy,” with the Privacy hyperlinked to instead of “©2008 Google”.

Earlier users had to click on “About Google” on its homepage to find Privacy link. However for the users ease, Google has presented the quick access to the Privacy link directly on its homepage.