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Google +1 recommendations launched on the web

Google Plus 1 Recommendations

Hot on the heels of the Facebook ‘like’ action, its arch rival Google+ is out with the +1 recommendations feature for the web. Basically, this attribute displays suggestions to users about other content on a website, when they hover over the +1 button, reveals the official Google+ developer’s blog.

Besides allowing subscribers to find out what friends recommend, this new feature should help website owners with the task of displaying more relevant content. To ensure that the results are relevant enough, these are most likely to be from the same page on that particular domain or subdomain. It has currently been rolled out only for Platform Preview.

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“For example, when I go the Chrome Web Store and look at +1 recommendations on the Gmail app, I see related apps and recommendations from friends. If you want to see recommendations today, sign up for the developer preview group and tell us what you think. The +1 team and I would love to hear from you! As always, we are iterating quickly and are hungry for your feedback,” reads a post by Julie Farago, Engineering Manager on the official Google+ developer’s blog.

Website owners are not required to make changes if they have added the +1 key to their respective web portals. Regardless of whether a user has signed into the Google+ account or not, the feature will recommend content for all +1 buttons.

As we mentioned above, it has been introduced for Platform Preview as of now and will be released across the web over the course of the next few weeks.

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