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Good Software To Use When Recording Radio Streaming Audio

audio streaming Almost all radio stations have turned to online broadcasting of their programs, and with many shows been aired, it’s easy to miss your favorite program. Due to this, one needs to record the audio to listen in their free time. For this to be achieved a good recording software comes in hand, and there is quite a number of them. Some are listed below:


This is software that gives you the freedom to record streaming broadcasts of radio audio. allows you to register and store your favorite program for later listening. Once you download the software, the only required credentials are your email and a password; after this, you can freely try it for seven days. After the free test, you can choose to upgrade to these packages, primary professional enterprise, and p1 personal, monthly subscriptions.
You can maintain the free package, which has limited features. It has the following features:

  • It can easily schedule your favorite show.
  • Once the recording is over, you can trim or download the entire audio.
  • You can easily upload other audios for saving.
  • You can use the sharing option to send it to others.
  1. Audacity

This is an easy software with a clear interface that allows you to record without any problem. Audacity has top-notch features with a perfect user experience that allows you to have a smooth recording. It’s free to download and comes with many advantages to its users with multitracker audio, among other features. Here are some of its features:

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  • Record live audio through a microphone and digitize recordings from other media.
  • Can export your recording in different file formats.
  • Sample rates and formats can be converted with high-quality resampling.
  • The plug-in manager handles plug-in installation and the addition of effects from the menu.
  • You have a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to navigate the software.
  1. Adobe Audition CC

The Adobe Audition CC is part of Adobes Creative Cloud programmed to create, edit, repair, mix, and edit audio. To use this software, you have to install the Creative Cloud App create an account, and sign in. it also allows you a free trial of 7 days, after which you pay to use their services. After installing the app, you can download Audition CC, which takes time to download; you have to be patient. These are the best features of the audition:

  • Provides a wide range of free sound effects to choose from.
  • You can choose a suitable package that meets your needs.
  • It’s perfect for mixing and mastering audio content.
  • Can export high-quality content audio to your podcast after recording.
  • It can reduce the surrounding noise in your audio.
  1. Reaper

This software fully supports multi-track and MIDI, recording its light and not using many computer resources. When launching, you must specify your input and output devices; thus, it looks complicated, buts it easy once you read the manual. You can use the fully functional version for 60 days then you can choose your suitable plan. Here are some of its features:

  • It can be installed in a portable or network drive.
  • Has powerful audio with multichannel support throughout.
  • Has many studio effects for audio processing.
  • It can import records and render many media formats fast.
  1. Hindenburg journalist

It’s a straightforward program to use where you can add as many audios as you wish. Setting up the program is quick, and you can try it out on the trial page. Below are some of its features:

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  • Editing is easy since you drag and drop audio items.
  • You can import and export audio files in different formats.