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The Good And The Bad Of Python Programing Language

python programming code As things stand, Python is the most popular programing language according to GitHub. The reason for this mass popularity and attention Python gets is that it’s user-friendly and easy to learn. Python can also be used in many fields, including software development, web design, and much more.

However, everything that glitters is not gold and Python has some drawbacks that can turn coders and developers away. Read below as we explore the good and bad sides of the current most popular programing language.

Easy To Use And Learn

As soon as beginner coders start feeling confident in HTML, they quickly look to expand their skillset with another language and the usual choice is JavaScript or Python. Since Python runs on an English-based syntax, coders are quick to pick up the Python 101 books and start to accumulate the language.

Writing in Python is also much quicker than in other languages as you generally have to write fewer lines of code and on top of that, readers of your code have a much easier time due to the easy-to-follow code.

Nowadays, learning Python has never been simpler since the internet allows us to dive deep into the coding world through our display screens. You can always seek 1 on 1 Python programming tutoring so that you can accumulate all the knowledge at your own pace mentored by experts in the field.

Increases Productivity

As mentioned previously, a lot of coding-related processes are streamlined, and instead of going over the code and trying to cipher it, you can focus on solving bugs which will significantly reduce the time you need to finish a project.

Moreover, Python can be used on any operating system – macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, so cross-platforming should not be at the forefront of your worries.

Python’s Libraries Are Endless

python-developement Do you want to work on cutting-edge AI prototype projects? Python will allow you just that with its more than two hundred thousand packages worth of libraries and it’s all enabled by the Python package manager.

Furthermore, since you can bring all your development ideas to life with Python, there are a lot of career opportunities you can grasp easily. Cybersecurity and AI modeling are extremely lucrative jobs that you can easily pursue if your skillset in Python is properly honed.

Python Is Free

Yes, that’s right, Python is an open-source language which means that everyone is free to use it however they see fit. You can freely make any changes and mold the language into your own personal customized version.

The Python community is also something to look forward to. During your initial phases of studying Python, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you visit a forum where Python is the main topic. The Python community can help you get to the level of a master coder in no time if you have the drive to reach that level.

Python Can Be A Bit Slow

The program does not execute codes fast, which is in part due to Python being a dynamically typed programming language.

As your program runs in Python, it must do more line-by-line work, which can slow down the process. This could cause it to be more difficult to meet your deadline if you’re working round the clock on a given project. However, if time constraints are not your concern, this drawback isn’t that significant as the end product is worth the wait.

Not So Strong In Mobile Computing

Apps and video games are being pumped out like crazy for mobile devices, but sadly, Python doesn’t excel in this field. Python’s slow rate of processing programs and sub-par memory efficiency are two reasons Python does not support mobile computing.

However, with the aid of frameworks such as Kivy and BeeWare, Python can be comfortably used in mobile development.

Testing Is A Bit Tricky

Again on the topic of time, to successfully test a Python program you need patience and lots of hours spent in front of your computer. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time.  To launch your program successfully, you will need to correct or modify each error. This can take a lot of time and effort.

When you execute a program, all of the present errors will occur and you can work to fix them. However, if you have integrated other systems into your program, this process might take a lot of your precious time.

Final Thoughts

Python is one of the most popular coding languages right now and 2022 is the perfect time to start learning it. With every software, the advantages are followed by drawbacks but in the case of Python, the advantage outweighs the drawbacks tremendously compared to other coding languages.

That being said, if you just finished with the basics of HTML and you are ready to move on to something more complex, we strongly suggest that you either pick Python or JavaScript.