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GOM Player Review

GOM Player

Media players are a dime a dozen these days, but hardly any are as striking as GOM Player is. This resourceful piece of software will easily find its way onto your favorites list once you’ve understood what it brings to the table. Its full-fledged version is available via this link only for PC, but its mobile editions can be spotted on both iOS and Android app stores.

A major selling point for every media player these days is its ability to work with different file types, what with a flurry of new formats emerging on a regular basis. Needless to say that GOM Player has that covered. It features built-in codecs for a variety of file formats which include flv, mp4, mov, mpg, ts, avi, divx, asx, wmv, m4v, dat, ifo, vob, 3gp, mkv and more.

Now if you work with a file type which is not very common, and is not present in the list above, GOM Player can solve that problem as well. With one click, this faithful media player allows you to search for the missing codec. You can then view its properties and download it, enabling you to finally view the unsupported video file.

GOM Interface

This program’s searching abilities go even further. For those who prefer watching movies and TV shows with subtitles, GOM has an extremely useful feature up its sleeve. A dedicated button sits on its bottom row, allowing you to turn them on or off. But more importantly, if a video does not have its subtitle file, GOM Player enables you to search online without entering anything in your search engine.

For doing this, the makers keep updating its own library of subtitles. And since this is quite a difficult task, given the amount of content that’s available out there these days, this program takes the help of OpenSubtitles.org for doing the job. So if you don’t find any subtitles for the content you’re watching, searching for them is just a click away.

GOM Subtitles

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about GOM Player is its support for 360-degree videos. For those who own 360-degree cameras, this trait is very important for previewing stuff that you capture on them. This media player lets you slide across such clips by just dragging the mouse. Plus, there are four interactive windows on the right hand side, giving a live view of all four sides.

Playing 360-degree videos is not just limited to clips captured on capable cameras. The good part about it is that you can even view 360-degree videos available on YouTube from right within this application. This kind of detailing makes GOM Player such a neat little offering.

GOM 360

Another very interesting feature of this software is its Control Panel. Its Video section actually allows you to tweak the brightness, contrast and saturation levels in your videos. An image capture attribute also makes its way into GOM, and it even lets you choose the format of the frame you capture. It can be anything from JPEG, BMP, PNG and AniGIF.

In the Audio section of the Control Panel, you’ll find an equalizer, whereas the Subtitle section lets you adjust the size and placement of subtitles. There’s also a section named Control for time jumps, changing the playback speed and more. Customization is something the makers have laid a lot of their focus on. A number of pre-installed skins and logos make this media player a treat to the eyes.

GOM Remote

While all this can be controlled using your keyboard and mouse, there’s one more method of using GOM Player, which is using your Android and iOS devices. Upon downloading the GOM Remote app and completing a simple pairing procedure, it allows you to sit back and enjoy the playback. And it comes with advanced functions like starting and stopping subtitles, controlling the volume, mirroring files from the phone to the PC, moving the mouse cursor using the phone, and many more.

Flexibility is what makes GOM Player such an attractive proposition. And all the features we’ve mentioned in the space above are available for free. A paid version called GOM Plus can also be grabbed for $12.49. It removes ads and unleashes better performance on 64-bit machines. You can download GOM player for windows 10 for free.