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GoDaddy’s .Me Domain Registration Creates Confusion

GoDaddy Logo GoDaddy is offering ‘.ME’ domain name for registration. So if you wanted your name the way you would like it to be spread over the globe, here is a chance to go get it done.

“I want my name as a domain name’ is something I hear often from Internet users,” said GoDaddy.com CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. “DotME not only giveseveryone a chance to register their own name, but provides the perfect domain for expressing themselves.”.

This is the domain that will help you have a personalised email, claims GoDaddy. Not only that, a site that will be flashing all your interests, online photo albums the way you wanted will be something that you can be proud of and assured that you are been clicked upon on the net.

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The highlight of having the domain name with .Me is that you can have the email id that will be much simpler to remember – the most required feature most of the users look for wants according to Yahoo.

Okay, all this was what GoDaddy had promised. Fortunately the offering became hit with users; it had to be!

Unfortunately, latest reports say that, when users went wham bam and started registering .Me domain names, many users have reported getting confirmations for their domains, only to receive the following cancellation notice about an hour later!

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It is unclear what the Daddy will do now. Will it register itself as Forgive.Me?? It should, to save itself from users’ fury!