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Gmail will let you customize your email address for small fee

Gmail is one of the most popular email services it the world right now, and it provides its users with a large number of additional features that enhance its offerings furthermore. Soon, there’s going to be one more addition to these traits it the form of the ability to get custom email addresses in exchange of a fee.

Every free email address on Gmail takes the standard ‘username@gmail.com’ route. And only those who subscribe to the Gmail for Work suite are able to get their customized email addresses.

That’s where the new feature benefits normal users. They don’t have to opt for any other services if they wish to get a unique email address. All they need to do is create one and keep paying $2 every month in order to continue using it.


At that amount, you get no other benefits that Gmail for Work users get, such as additional Google Drive storage, business tools and more. This service has not yet been officially launched, but as GSM Arena has observed that it’s being tested prior to a proper rollout. The screenshot above has come from the same website, and it has said that clicking on the ‘Get started’ button returned no result.

Gmail recently announced that it has further tightened its spam-rejection system with new tools. These not only help users avoid spam from arriving in their inboxes, but also helps big businesses who send legit mails in ensuring that their mails don’t land in the spam folder.

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It seems Google is currently gauging the interest of users in Gmail’s new custom address feature. Let us now see if it finds it high enough to give it a proper release.