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Gmail Tighten Security Features with Remote Sign Out Facility and Other Additions

Gmail Security Features Screenshots

We are always conscious about our email’s security as it contains personal as well as professional information. Making our emails more secure Google has taken a step ahead and has introduced some security features for Gmail accounts.

Erwin D’Souza, Gmail Engineer posted the following on the Official Gmail blog, “Your email account can contain a lot of personal information, from bank alerts to love letters. Email that, I’m sure, you don’t always want other people to see. We understand how important your Gmail accounts are to you, so we’re adding a new layer of information and control. With this new feature, you can now track your recent sessions and you can also sign yourself out remotely.”

Through the new features Gmail users can sign themselves out remotely. People sign into their gmail account from multiple PC’s and sometimes forget to sign out. In such cases Gmail’s new remote sign-out feature would be an advantage. Gmail will display information regarding whether your email account is still open in an different location and the time of the last activity on your account at the bottom of the inbox.

Even the detailed information would be available regarding the activities if clicked on the “Details” link. Detailed information including IP adderess from where account is being accessed and recent activities will be displayed.

This new Gmail security feature will not only let users know if they have forgotten to sign out and when was last time they accessed the account, but will also indicate the unauthorized access if any.

Being more cautious, Gmail also allows users to sign out all other sessions. So users can sign out from session which was left open at home or at friend’s place remotely. However as of now Gmail has not announced the day when the newly announced feature will be available for users.