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Gmail now lets you send money, stream video attachments

Gmail Money

Google’s added a couple of useful new features to Gmail over the past few days which should make interacting with the email client a bit more convenient than before. The first one out of the gate was the option to send money as an attachment, while the second allows people to stream videos rather than download them.

To get started with the first, a user will have to tap on the attachment icon in an email and choose between sending or requesting money. The person getting the money will receive the amount within the missive itself, eliminating the need to download a separate app. Individuals can also opt to have the amount go directly into their bank account.

While there a couple of services out there which can do the same thing, most of them require a fee of some kind. Gmail offers an advantage here because the tool is completely free. The recipient doesn’t even need to have a Gmail address to get the money, making it accessible to a larger pool of people.

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However, sending cash as an attachment only works on the web and Android as of now, leaving iOS users out in the cold. It’s also restricted to citizens of the US. The other new feature on the table doesn’t face the same limitations since it’s being rolled out to all end users.

From now onwards, Gmail patrons can stream video attachments without being forced to download them like in the past. They’ll see a thumbnail of the video in their message and can watch it straightaway. The add-on is being powered by the same tech that’s behind YouTube so videos are supposed to be delivered at optimal quality and availability.