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Gmail Labs now includes Location in Signature feature

Gmail Location In Signature

The most recent addition to Gmail is the Location in Signature feature. Google now incorporates this new experimental function to Gmail. The novel feature will allow users to add their location to their signature. This will automatically let the email recipient know a user’s location.

With the help of the Location in Signature feature, users can append their email signature with their current city and country location. The feature should entice users who are constantly on the move as they can now keep friends and family informed about their base.

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The novel location sharing service can serve a wide range of purposes like highlighting a user’s on-the-go lifestyle, reminding a particular recipient of the time zone and more. Users can also use the feature as a mnemonic device to sort sent emails. Users can sort out their emails based on the location from where it was sent.

According to Google software engineer Marco Brenti, the location may however not offer 100% accurate results for a user’s location. This is mainly because the feature locates a user’s address depending on the IP address of the computer.

To enhance the functionality of the service, he suggests users load a version of Google Gears on their browser. The software offers support to the location module by allowing Wi-Fi access point signals and consequently giving out a user’s exact location.

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The Location in Signature feature can be turned on from the Labs tab under Settings User then need to go to their signature preferences and check the box next to ‘Append your location to the signature’. In case a user does not want to include their location in a specific mail, they have an option to disable the feature or simply delete their location for the particular mail.

The Google Location in Signature feature is functional now in Gmail.

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