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Gmail Labs Features opened for English Users

Gmail Labs Settings

Through Google Labs, the search giant always tries its hand to deliver something new to its users. This time the Labs is offering few new features for Gmail. On Gmail’s official blog, Keith Coleman, Product Manager mentioned that some innovative ideas have been presented to the Gmail users through the Labs.

Gmail users can use these new features, explore them and send feedback to Labs. Altogether 13 new features are introduced by the Labs. These innovative features include Quick Links, Superstars, Pictures in chat, Custom keyboard shortcuts etc.

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Writing about the new features Keith Coleman wrote on the blog, “The result of this loosely-directed chaos is 13 Labs features, with more on the way. Some of them we’ve found really useful, like Quick Links, which lets you save searches and any other views in Gmail. Kai and Julie wrote Superstars, which gives you different types of stars. Dave wrote Old Snakey, which lets you play an old school style computer game when you press “&”.”

Currently the Gmail Labs is available only for English users (US and UK).

Earlier Google Labs introduced the Google Talk’s Labs edition that offers users new features such as emoticons, group chat, etc.

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