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Gmail and Google Calendar data now available for Takeout

You can now download copies of you Gmail and Google Calendar content using the search giant’s Takeout service; as simple as that. What you can do with it is sync the downloaded data with any other service of the same nature. This means, all your messages, appointments and events will be available to be moved onto non-Google services in a swift manner.

While this provision is already live for Google Calendar, Gmail will be receiving its support next month, as revealed by Mountain View via one of its blog posts. Through Takeout, you can download all of your mail and calendars in a jiffy, or even select a subset of labels and calendars.

Google Takeout

On top of that, the service even lets you acquire a single-archive file for multiple products with a copy of your Gmail, Calendar, Google+, YouTube, Drive and other Google data. Google has regularly been issuing updates to its popular services, and Gmail has benefited a lot from those in the past few months.

In November, the email tool received the ability to sync its attachments with Google Drive, thus allowing you to easily save your data on the cloud without worrying about it being deleted along with unwanted emails. A few days post this announcement, Google updated its iOS app to finally work in a swift fashion on the larger screens of the iPads.

Furthermore, earlier this month, the Calendar service received a host of new additions including autocomplete predictions from Google Maps and much more. This constant evolution of its services is indeed giving the search giant quite an edge over its competition.