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Gmail adds full screen option to compose

Gmail Full Screen Feature

When Gmail was tweaked in the month of March to include Compose as a standalone option, many had been dismayed by it, especially since its main window occupied a mere corner of the screen. But Google, in a post on G+, claims to have taken various complaints about this into consideration, which is why it has recently announced a full screen option for the same.

Clicking the expansion option seen on the top right of the compose window will enlarge it to fit the entire screen and sit right in the middle. The More menu spotted on the bottom right now has a new member. Just for those who would like to use this fresh Gmail feature without feeling the need to hit Expand every time they wish to create an email, the company has introduced an alternative in this section to make full screen a default option.

Also, Gmail users will find the formatting tool bar always open whenever they make the switch to the full screen. This development made to Gmail was met with appreciation as well as criticism. However, we must agree that the inclusion seems more like a breath of fresh air to many.

Don’t fret if the attribute cannot be seen on your account just yet, because the company has vouched to roll out the option to all Gmail users in the days to come.

To cut a long story short, here are the feature’s highlights at a glance:

– Availability of Expand option to switch to full screen mode
– Formatting toolbar is on by default
– Ability to make full screen feature permanent