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Gmail for iOS app receives custom signature support and more

Gmail For iOS Update

Since Google can obviously not be expected to remain satisfied by simply launching the Gmail for iOS app, the company has rolled an update bearing a bunch of new features along with a number of interface improvements. Users on the iPhone and iPad can now set custom signatures and even prepare quick sketches.

Besides the improvements carried out to Labels by adding support for nested labels, the Gear icon located on the top of the menu view comes bearing the custom signature feature. According to the official Gmail blog, each account holder will be able to apply their own autographs for mobile messages and the vacation responder as well. Also, through this release, the company has introduced a new notification sound for emails to help users running iOS 5 distinguish between alerts on their iDevices.

“Behind the scenes, we’re continuing to work on highly requested features like banner notifications, multiple login support and the ability to send-as from any account already configured in Gmail. We want to make sure these are done right as we continue to improve the Gmail app,” stated the Gmail Team.

Gmail For iOS Update 1

To provide a fun and colorful way of personalizing messages, the Gmail app and Gmail for mobile website now allows users to open up canvases and scribble messages that can later be attached and shared via email. Additionally, a host of customizable options such as lines, brush sizes, different colors, erasers and spray paint are also available.

The updated Gmail for iOS app is available for the Phone, iPad and iPod touch through the App Store and is stated to work on the aforementioned devices running iOS 4 and above.