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Gmail for desktop and mobile updated with inbox tabs


With an aim of simplifying access to emails, Google has rolled out an update for Gmail which effectively groups messages into certain categories for users to save time by not having to look into all of them at once. Both the desktop as well as mobile (Android and iOS) versions will be getting these features soon, as they are being rolled out gradually by the Mountain view-based search giant.

A post on the email service’s official blog has detailed all the traits that will be introduced through this update. Claiming to grant users more control over their messages, it brings forth simple and easy organization. First, let us start off with the desktop version. The new inbox will now be able to group mails into categories that appear in the form of tabs like those we usually see inside browsers. All users will need to do is choose which tab they wish to read from.

Mobile Version

Up to five such tabs will be allowed. By default, we’ll be able to see four, with one being there for Primary emails and others for Social, Promotional and other updates. These tabs will be easy to customize, as all users will need to do is drag-and-drop to move messages between tabs. Moreover, they can also set certain senders to always appear in a particular tab. Starred messages will appear in the Primary tab.

Coming to the mobile versions, it has been revealed that the first screen which users will see will be that of the Primary tab. However, they will be able to open the side-bar menu and switch between tabs easily. The video posted in the space above can clear some confusions, if any. Google has also mentioned that if anyone doesn’t wish to adopt this new style, they can go back to the classic view through their settings.

The company has been on a roll recently, with many big announcements at the I/O event held recently and continuous support for most of its services. It was just yesterday that we saw the Google+ app for iOS get all the new features which its Android cousin had received a few days ago. And with this fresh update to Gmail, we wonder which service is next in line.