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Gmail for Android now unifies mail from all accounts into a single inbox

Late last year, the Gmail for Android app was blessed with the ability to sync Yahoo, Outlook, AOL Mail and other accounts, but until now, they all had their own separate inboxes. What the newest update for the utility has done is that it has given users the liberty to have emails from all their connected accounts appear in one single inbox.

Rolling out through the Google Play store right now, this update for the Gmail for Android app is aimed at letting you view all your emails at once. All you need to to is choose the ‘All Inboxes’ option from the navigation drawer, and you’re good to go. This section even lets you reply to individual messages without worrying about choosing the right account to reply from.

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One of the cool features of this app is the ability to display threaded conversations, but until now, this attribute was only limited to Gmail accounts. With the newest update, even Yahoo, and other IMAP/POP accounts will benefit from stacked messages to keep the conversations going smoothly.

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For those who need to sift through too many messages on a regular basis in order to find the one they are looking for, the Gmail search bar is a godsend. Google has now enhanced this feature furthermore by giving an improved auto-complete facility to assist in your searches in a faster manner.

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Lastly, more responsive animations, larger attachment previews and the ability to save to Drive with a single tap are some of the other fresh features of the updated Gmail for Android app that is getting a global rollout through the Play store right now.


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