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Gmail Fights with Phishing Messages with eBay and PayPal

Gmail Logo After announcing security and remote sign-out feature, Gmail has one more announcement for Gmail users. This time Gmail has announced that it will fight phishing with the help of eBay and PayPal.

Phishing messages are spam emails that attempt to deceive recipients to gain access to their personal information. Many times a received message appears to come from PayPal and tries to get users’ PayPal password. And if the user leaks his/her password, then it leads to disaster in the form of drainage of the account. Such emails look very official and hence users are fooled very easily.

To save users from such a hazardous situation, Gmail has taken extra care with the help of eBay and Paypal. According Gmail, now users will not at all receive any phishing mails that use eBay or PayPal’s name. Such messages will automatically be rejected from Gmail. That means users won’t have to see phishing messages, even in their spam folders.

Hence now it’s clear for Gmail users that whichever message are seen to be received from “@paypal.com” or “@ebay.com” are actually sent by them and that they arent fake messages.

For offering this safety to the users, Gmail has received a support from eBay and PayPal, which ensured that all their email is signed with DomainKeys and DKIM. As a result, Gmail can easily differentiate between fake and authentic messages and behave accordingly.

Brad Taylor, Software Engineer mentioned on the Gmail’s official blog that this security measure has already been put in place and it is working well.