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Gmail down in India, Google Search slows down too [Updated]

Gmail Down India

Gmail and Google Search seem to be giving a bit of trouble in India at present. Attempting to access the sign in page to the email service has been showing a 502 error. We can’t tell for how long this issue has been going on today, but we haven’t been able to use the service for 10 minutes at least.

What’s more, Google Search had slowed down to a painful crawl. We thought it was our internet connection, but websites were loading fine and at the normal pace. The search engine had been taking over 2 minutes to get back to us with answers and had been showing just the first 2 or 3 results to any query we typed in. The rest of the results page just appeared blank. It got faster a couple of minutes ago.

No one we’ve asked seems to have had any problems with the Play Store or G+ though. At the same time, a flurry of tweets about Gmail being down has hit Twitter. There’s nothing about access to other services from Mountain View. So we’re assuming Gmail has been affected the worst by whatever is bothering Google’s products right now.

Google Apps Status Dashboard

For the present, the Apps Status Dashboard seems blissfully unaware of problems with Gmail, the Play Store or any other Google-branded services. Not enough downtime to be spending energy over apologies and ‘We’re on it, it will be fixed as soon as possible’?

UPDATE: Gmail is back on, we haven’t had any trouble accessing the Play Store and Google Search has returned to its good old zippy self.