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Gmail Data in Kuwait Exposed

Gmail faces Security issues Gmail’s server in Kuwait is behaving a little weird! Reportedly people in the region could see everyone else’s content and access their accounts.

The problem began last week itself. Al-Shalabi, a Kuwait-based Gmail user reported to CNET News.com that he could access around 30 Gmail accounts, which did not belong to him. Furthermore he could also access the email that contained “keycodes for some embassy gate.”

Before that he was facing a great problem for logging on his account. However he also agreed that all the problems were fixed on Wednesday.

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According to Google, it’s a Kuwaiti ISP, which was facing caching issues and was in fault.

Reports also say that Gmail users located in Sri Lanka are also facing the same problem. And the ISP of the location might be facing the same caching issue.

However, due to the new issue the question regarding security of the email accounts has been raised. Peeping into anybody’s email box can display anybody’s personal and also confidential matters to the public.

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For now we can hope that Google has resolved the problem and information on all Gmail emails is as safe as it was earlier.

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