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Gmail advanced search autocomplete and graduation of 3 labs features

Gmail Advanced Search

With Gmail advanced search autocomplete predictions and three labs features spilling out of testing phase, the email service just got even easier to navigate. This follows very close behind additional language support which was introduced for Gmail search only recently.

The three functions which have graduated from labs cover filter import and export, refresh for POP account updates as well as drag and drop for the nav bar. Gmail users now have the option to upload a file or cook up a batch of filters simultaneously and download all or some of their filters without breaking a sweat.

Secondly, clicking the Refresh button within the email service won’t keep to simply updating the inbox with new messages. It will even pull in updates from users’ other POP accounts. Last but not the least, gadgets arranged on the left-hand side of the page can readily be moved around on the panel with drag and drop actions.

“Last week we announced additional language support for search in Gmail. Today, we are improving search in Gmail even more. Advanced search, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow in the search box, now supports autocomplete predictions in the From: and To: fields, making it easier to find mail from or to a specific person,” says a post on the official Gmail Google Plus page.

Of course, standardization of the aforesaid features is not the highlight of the latest development by the Mountain View crew. Gmail users may look towards the little arrow in the search box which has been reworked to accommodate autocomplete in the To: and From: sections. This should make the process of laying hands on mails to or from a particular person much sweeter.

Those who think the new Gmail advanced search autocomplete facility complicates things, can still restrict rummaging through mails via a simple search.