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Gmail 5.0 arrives with support for your Yahoo and other email accounts

The Gmail app has since long been only supporting Gmail accounts of its users, as that’s particularly what it was made for. But there were some who wanted a cool common email client apart from the stock Email app which is one of the least used apps around, to act as a hub for all their emails, and third-party developers were obliged to present options like CloudMagic and K-9 Mail.

Google’s new release of the 5.0 version of Gmail will steal the thunder of these apps, since it will now natively provide support for your email accounts on Yahoo, Outlook, AOL Mail and more. And that’s not all; with Exchange support, you will also be able to add your work emails account in the Gmail app.

Gmail 5.0

This is great news for those who were looking for such a solution since long, as the stock Email app from Google is not quite user-friendly. If you’re one of them, and weren’t aware of third-party options like CloudMagic, this development should please you. But if you already have such an app installed on your devices, it’s up to you to decide whether to stick to it, or migrate to Gmail 5.0.

Another important change that has been brought about by this update has to do with Material Design. Yes, the makeover keeping in mind the new design guidelines developed by Google has finally hit Gmail with its heavy animations, its flat icons and other visual overhauls.

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Recently, the search giant also announced the release of an app called Inbox which basically pulls data from your email account as well as Google Now to group it and present it to you in an organized manner. This new application can only be tried out by those who have an invite from Google.

The update to Gmail 5.0 has started rolling out through the Play store, and should reach you in the days to come. In case you’re in a hurry, head over to Android Police which is hosting an APK of it. It should be noted that adding support for Exchange accounts needs another APK to be installed, which too is present on the aforementioned site.