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Glass multi-touch keyboard and mouse spill style with functionality

The glass multi-touch keyboard and mouse that’s been put up on Kickstarter – they don’t even have to try in order to make us feel like we’ve stumbled into the sets of a cool new sci-fi movie. Designed by Jason Giddings, the peripherals are complete with metal bases and sport contemporary design structures. They incorporate rechargeable Lithium-polymer batteries and are built cord-free to avoid the tangle of wires.

The devices run on open source software which means that customizations will hop onto a whole new level. Ubergizmo points out that anybody who knows how to can personalize the way the glass keyboard or mouse works. So a user could actually push the number tab off the keyboard to dedicate that area to music mixing. This should will maximize the functions that keyboards and mice are expected to execute.

Additionally, there won’t be any need to worry about coffee spills on the peripherals, for these are designed to be resistant to those minor accidents. The FTIR or Frustrated Total Internal Reflection specification refers to a touch screen technology which the constructs include.

Glass multi-touch keyboard

The edge of the glass which is attached to the metal base hides infrared LEDs. This base also has a camera, which owing to the integrated technology and diffusion of light, captures the movement made by users on the glass. It is here that software comes into play to determine the input and then sends the message to the computer.

Glass multi-touch mouse 1

A post on Kickstarter reveals that the glass multi-touch keyboard and mouse have been backed by $27,040 of its total intended goal of $50,000 at present. The hardware will become a reality if and when funds are collected within the given span of time.