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[Giveaway] Get licensed WinX DVD Copy Pro for free : Sector-by-Sector back up any DVDs

WinX DVD Copy Pro

More often than not, we come across products like WinX DVD Copy Pro which make us go, ‘Why didn’t I know about this earlier.’ This is a simple tool that lets you create copies of your DVDs no holds barred; so that you can discard the old scratched discs which would eventually stop working one day.

There’s no better time than now to experience this software from Digiarty since the company is holding a huge giveaway of this top-notch DVD copy software.. What would usually cost you $59.95 is being doled out for free, with the only catch being no support for lifetime free updates. But that doesn’t mean there’s any compromise on the features here. You are still getting a top-rated Windows 10-supporting DVD copier to help you with your needs.

How to Enter the giveaway of WinX DVD Copy Pro?
1. Please visit the giveaway page: https://www.winxdvd.com/giveaway/copy-dvd-free.htm
2. Click “Get Licensed Copy” button to get a free copy. There are 500 free copies per day, just hold the chance to get it now.”


Let’s say your old DVD of Jurassic Park has developed tons of scratches from years of use, and you know somehow, that one day it’s going to give up on you. This would have been fine had Jurassic Park not been your most favorite movie ever, but what if it’s otherwise? Rest easy, for there’s WinX DVD Copy Pro.

Just fire up the program insert your old disc inside your DVD slot and let the software create you another DVD; so you can continue watching the dinosaur catastrophe on Isla Nublar for countless more movie nights. If you don’t have a blank DVD at hand, you can even create an ISO file which you can write to another DVD later.

WinX DVD Copy

Alternatively, you can even restore the DVD in the form of an MPEG-2 file for watching it on your media devices. And all this is legal, as long as you are doing it for personal use. WinX DVD Copy Pro is also capable of more interesting things.

One of them is extracting audio or video from your original DVD. This can be of great use to novice editors who wish to practice their art and even to content creators who want to add a part of a film’s footage into their videos.

But what good would such a tool be if it was hard to use? Say no more! WinX DVD Copy Pro has been granted a very simple interface by its makers. At first glance, you would easily understand what needs to be done in order to meet your needs. A cool feature is that there’s a tiny media player at the bottom where you can play the inserted DVD while you’re going about your work.

Those worried about copy protection should take note that the developers have taken care of that as well. This program has been designed to overcome all the latest copy protection practices out there. These include ‘Disney’s Fake,’ ‘Sony ARccOS bad sector’ and others.

DVD Copy Pro

But there are undoubtedly going to be other copy protection applications in the near future. It is hence advised that you go for the paid version which comes with lifetime free updates. With this installed on your Windows machine, there would be no worries since the developers will keep coming up with workarounds for all the future copy protection practices, giving you a carefree experience.

For a start though, the giveaway version is excellent. The great part about it is that there are no limitations to the number of features you can use, despite the fact that the software is being given to you at the much loved price of free. Here’s your link to download the free licensed WinX DVD Copy Pro [Giveaway] version.