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7 GIMP Alternatives

While looking for GIMP alternatives, you may want to check out different options that comprise of some pretty great photo editing tools. The software in question allowed you to perform image retouches and dabble in free-form drawing, among other things. Similarly, your replacement should also proffer the required features and maybe even serve up something more. Now all of the following names listed out here are your best bets when it comes to acquiring a reliable image-editing software option. So read on and get your creative juices pumping.

1 – Paint.NET:


This particular photo editing software sports an intuitive user interface and comes complete with options such as unlimited undo, layers, special effects, and other such useful tools. What’s more, Paint.NET even offers an online community that provides helpful hints and advice. You can also avail of an ever-expanding lineup of plug-ins and tutorials. However, the program is created only for Windows system users.

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It even features a special revamped UI theme for Vista and Windows 7 systems. You can download the latest version of the same absolutely free of cost in a number of languages namely, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, German, Japanese and Russian.

2 – Inkscape:


‘Draw freely,’ is the call to arms here. This entrant in our programs like GIMP roster is noted to be an open-source SVG graphics editor and forays onto the scene packed with an interesting lot of features. The user-friendly program comes with a streamlined interface and provides a few advanced attributes like clones, alpha blending and markers.

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Through Inkscape, you can easily trace bitmaps, edit nodes and perform complex path operations. You’ll be able to employ this rich option for creating logos, maps, web graphics, icons, and technical diagrams. It further runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows Vista, XP and 7 systems.

3 – Seashore:


From a multiplatform option, we now move on to a graphic-editing solution that’s fashioned exclusively for the Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework. Seashore is also an open-source delight and proffers various attributes such as gradients, textures, and anti-aliasing for text and brush strokes. Furthermore, it even supports alpha channel editing as well as multiple layers.

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After you’ve created your masterpiece, you can save it in a plethora of file formats like XCF, PDF and SVG. And as you might have already guessed, it sports a $0 price tag.

4 – Paintbrush:


Here’s yet another dazzling option for those who prefer to work on a Mac OS X platform. Paintbrush will surely bring back fond memories of when you used to draw and edit pictures using Microsoft Paint and MacPaint. This engaging inclusion in our software similar to GIMP array provides all you Picasso enthusiasts with a rewritten text tool for pinpoint-accurate insertion, a streamlined user interface, and transparent selection.

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Besides allowing image resizing and cropping, it also delivers 4 new tools as eyedropper, airbrush, zoom and rounded rectangle. What’s more, you can pick this one up for free as well.

5 – Pinta:


After suggesting a few Mac-compatible delights, it is now time to introduce a cross-platform bitmap image drawing and editing program. When pitted against GIMP, you’ll find Pinta to be a bit on the simpler side. However, this doesn’t mean that it lacks the basic features for drawing and editing pictures. Some of the attributes this gem comes packed with include unlimited layers, full history tracking and more than 35 adjustments and effects. It’s further partially translated into 55 languages, as per the brains behind this endeavor. You can download the current 1.4 version of the same for free from the website itself.

6 – Picasa:

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Through the latest version, you’ll get to endow your pictures with a ton of new editing effects and fixes so that you can unleash your creativity and come up with something totally unique. For one, you can adjust the lighting and color aspects by using the integrated Tuning sliders. You’ll even be able to opt from 12 basic effects like sharpen, warm the photo, saturate the colors, convert to sepia and apply tint.

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Some of the more advanced attributes read as Orton-ish, Comic Book, Vignette and Cross Process. Another useful feature is the side-by-side editing where 2 photos can be compared simultaneously.

7 – Adobe Photoshop CS:

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The newest version to grace the scene brings with it a simple yet modern new interface with on-image controls. According to the developer, Adobe Photoshop CS is fitted with the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine and proffers reengineered design tools and handy content-aware tools. Some of the other attributes you can expect to see here include Smart Object support, CSS export, HiDPI and Retina display support, conditional actions, new blur clarity, and crop tool.

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Now unlike the other programs like GIMP found here, this one strides onto the scenario bearing a slightly hefty price tag. You can acquire this bundle by availing of a one-year plan that costs just under $50 per month.


Want to create a virtual piece of artwork or simply add a personal touch to your images? Well, you can choose from our aforesaid GIMP alternatives roundup and see what each individual program has to offer you on a platter. What’s more, the majority of our picks can be acquired without even having to shell out a penny, quite similar to the cross-platform gem in the limelight here. So which one is it going to be? Well, since most of them are free to procure, why not give all the options a go? And when you do settle upon one, don’t forget to leave your mention in the box below.