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Giant iPhone X Plus to launch in gold, offer dual-SIM support

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We’ve been hearing talk about 3 new iPhones coming in 2018 for a while now, and a new Bloomberg report is here to add a dash of authenticity to the rumors. It claims that Apple is going to launch a direct 5.8-inch iPhone X sequel, a larger 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and a cheaper LCD model.

People familiar with the products assert that Apple wants to appeal to both phablet lovers and those looking to buy a cheaper version of the iPhone X with its new lineup. This makes sense, since the iPhone X hasn’t done as well as the company hoped it would, likely due to its $999 price and smaller size compared to the Plus models.

Apple is apparently busy running production tests with suppliers at the moment, so its plans could change between now and September. There are already rumors of a supercycle in which droves of customers, especially in Asia, will line up to get hold of a bigger iPhone.

The report says that the body of this so-called iPhone X Plus will feature roughly the same dimensions as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with an OLED screen which is an inch larger thanks to most of the bezels getting cut. Split-screen mode will probably be available, as will the infamous notch and Face ID.

One source says that the iPhone X Plus has the codename D33 and sports a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688p. The panel would be about as sharp as the iPhone X (1125 x 2436p) as a result. The second-gen version of the latter is internally referred to as the D32.

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Both are set to get upgraded with A12 processors and stick to the same stainless steel frames. In exciting news for fans of gold iPhones, Apple is thinking of introducing the color to the pair. It was apparently trying to do this last year with the original iPhone X, but had to abandon the effort because of production problems.

In even more groundbreaking news, Apple might finally offer a dual-SIM card option in the iPhone X Plus. There have been rumors of it doing so before, so it seems the company is at least considering the possibility. However, it might just wait for e-SIM tech to take off.

Apple has supposedly wanted to switch to e-SIMs for ages, but some carriers are being resistant to incorporating it in iPhones (the Apple Watch and iPad already support it). A dual-SIM system would thus cut short this waiting and make customers in Asian countries like India happy.

Meanwhile, the inexpensive LCD iPhone is set to incorporate the same edge-to-edge panel as the current iPhone X. It’s come about after Apple realized that people wanted to switch to a fresh design but didn’t want to pay through their nose for it, not to mention the fact that the iPhone 8 too closely resembles the iPhone 6 blueprint to be seen as an upgrade.

The LCD iPhone will likely keep the aluminum frame and glass back of the iPhone 8, making it a somewhat hybrid version of the 8 and X. It will boast of Face ID as well, so Touch ID will well and truly be out of the window this year.