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Get ready for a hot pink iPhone 5se

iPhone 5se Pink

A new report out of Japan alleges that Apple is planning to produce 3 color versions of the 4-inch iPhone 5se. Consumers can look forward to not only the standard silver and space grey, but also pink.

While Apple’s rose gold iPhone 6S could be termed as its first pink handset, the upcoming iPhone 5se will sport a much deeper shade of the color. The hot pink tint apparently resembles the brand’s 6th-gen iPod touch or 7th-gen iPod nano. This falls in line with an earlier leak which had asserted that the device would blend the look of the iPhone with the colors of the iPod Touch lineup.

According to Apple Insider, there’s no certainty that a gold variant of the iPhone 5se will be unveiled alongside the other 3. Speculation so far has suggested that the smartphone is coming out in March this year with production already underway. It’ll make its debut alongside the iPad Air 3 and the new Apple Watch.

Since there hasn’t been any official word from Apple on the 4-inch phone yet, it’s been going by a lot of different names. The latest 5se one gives the impression that the handset is a direct successor to the 5s, with the ‘se’ standing for special edition. This essentially translates to a unit which will sport the style of the older device but come packed with more modern specs.

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These features supposedly include an 8MP rear and 1.2MP front camera setup which is set to support Live Photos, panorama and autofocus for videos. An A8 and M8 processer combo might make an appearance, alongside an NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fiac and VoLTE.

Stay tuned for more on the iPhone 5se as Apple possibly gears up for its March unveiling.