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Genius wireless all-in-one remote controller Ring mouse

Genius Ring Mouse

This next offering may not be every conventional PC user’s favorite mouse, but something’s got to be said for its design. Genius has designed the wireless remote controller Ring mouse which wraps around a finger and allows for operation with a thumb.

The device’s 2.4GHz technology extends the operation distance by approximately 10 meters. The touch panel on the mouse lets users move a thumb over the area for in-air cursor movement and scrolling. Its portable USB charger may be employed in order to power up the integrated Li-ion battery from a laptop or PC.

The mouse’s Touch Control technology extends 1,000dpi movement sensitivity. It supports up to six scene modes for applications like Windows Media Player, IE, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and Adobe Reader courtesy of ioMedia software. The main system requirements include Windows 7/Vista/XP and a USB port.

The Genius Ring mouse has a $69.9 price label attached to it. It’s backed by a three-year warranty and ships with a carrying case, pico receiver, retractable USB charger cable, software installation CD and user manual.