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Genius SP-T1200 Speakers Announced

Genius SP-T1200 Speakers Genius has announced to release a new speaker system named SP-T1200. The latest speaker system features a touch panel screen to control function, volume, bass or treble. All this can be controlled with touch of a finger. The speakers are especially designed for desktops and laptops.

Genius claims that the new speaker delivers great sound. An adjustable light is attached to the speaker which illuminates when adjustments are made to the SP-T1200. Compact size and 30-watt sound are the key features of the speakers.

Further, the Genius SP-T1200 speakers are painted in black-onyx color, which gives contemporary look and feel to the system. Genius claims that the speakers are ideal for gaming or even for listening to music. Moreover, users can carry speakers with them to enjoy music while on the go.

The latest Genius speakers system incorporates headphone jack, so that users can also listen to music without disturbing others with headphones. While, provided mute button can easily turn off the sound when needed.

Genius’ SP-T1200 speakers are available online now at New Egg.com, Amazon.com, Mac Mall, Tiger Direct, Buy.com etc at the price of $99.