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Genius rolls out SW-N2.1 1000, a 3-piece Speaker System with 28 watt RMS Output Power

Genius SW-N2.1 1000

Genius has introduced SW-N2.1 1000, a 3-piece speaker system with 28 watt RMS output power, in India.

Genius’ SW-N2.1 1100 exhibits a polished black with a chrome decoration line and a fabric cover front cover for the satellites. The 3-piece speaker system is perfect for those who want to upgrade to 2.1 speaker system

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Housed in a wood subwoofer cabinet, the integrated 5-inch driver delivers solid and distortion-free lows; and the satellite speakers with two 2-inch drivers generate excellent performance. Packed with a wired remote control that offers full functions such as mute, volume, bass adjustment and a earphone jack for private listening, enhances the experience rendered by the Genius SW-N2.1 1100 speaker system.

Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp said, “Genius is already a well-known brand in digital entertainment products. He continued, “By introducing a new array of Genius N-series of 2.1 Speaker Systems with special introductory price and volume discounts, we hope to further enhance the penetration of Genius Speakers in India.”

The SW-N2.1 1000, a 3-piece speaker system is priced at Rs. 3500/- and can be bought from Transtek, Ingram Micro and Redington, the authorized distributors for Genius in

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