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7 Genius iPhone accessories

Incredible iPhone accessories you can buy right now

Best iPhone Accessories
Here’s a look at some of the best iPhone accessories you can buy right now in order to further augment the experience that’s provided to you by your Apple smartphone. All the things featured in this list look to offer their services while seldom interfering with your usual usage of the device.

Let’s face it; however much you like your iPhone, there is always that one thing that you wish it had. If that’s indeed the case with you, this compilation of awesome accessories might very well end up solving your woes.

Some of these offerings may be expensive, but they are indeed very useful to those who need them. So if you have an iPhone and are plagued by a gripe that’s not letting you make the most of the device, see if any of these accessories can come to your rescue.


Znaps is one of the most innovative iPhone accessories out there. It’s a tiny little creation which lets you magnetically connect a charger to your device. People who own MacBooks will instantly tell you what a great feeling it is to have a cable magnetically snap in place.

This accessory comes in the form of two tiny parts, one of which will need to be constantly attached to your iPhone and the other, to your charger or data cable. A thing to note is that it does not interfere with any of your cases and is extremely light in weight. You can buy one right now for just $18. Znaps is moreover, also sold for gadgets that use microUSB ports.

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Battery life has now fast become the most important aspect people consider while buying their phones. With just a 1715mAh power pack having been granted to the iPhone 6S, Apple seems to have forgotten that. Thankfully, there is an accessory which can provide you with additional juice when you need it the most.

We’re talking about the Mophie Juice Pack Air which not only acts as a power bank that’s also connected to your iPhone, but also offers protection from drops and falls. It has a 2750mAh battery of its own which can be activated with a small switch on its back. There’s even an indicator that shows you how much juice it has left on it. This neat accessory will set you back by $100.

iQi wireless charging solution

One of the things Android devices have but the iPhone doesn’t is support for wireless charging, and the iQi Mobile accessory is out to change that. It is basically a receiver which connects to the Lightning port and sticks to the back of the device to give it wireless charging capabilities.

You can buy a wireless charging dock from the same company to complete the setup and not worry about plugging in the Lightning cable each time you want to charge the handset. While the receiver itself costs $35, the dock can come at around $50.


All the new iPhones these days are easily managing to become the cool tools to have for photography enthusiasts. This demographic will be pleased to know that there is now an extremely sturdy and effective lens set which they can take advantage of, in the form of ExoLens.

It comes with a precision-machined aluminum bracket that can even fit on a tripod. To this bracket, you can either attach a 165-degree wide angle lens or a 3x zoom-equipped telephoto lens. This entire setup can be yours at $130.

Extra-long Lightning cable

Lightening Cable
This is one accessory that is being sold by Apple itself. It’s a cable that’s 2 meters long, and gives you the ability to use your iPhone more freely while it’s being charged. The normal cable that comes in the box is just 1 meter in length, so the purchase will indeed grant you quite some flexibility.

It’s a simple accessory but an incredibly useful one if you ask us. Apple is currently selling it in exchange of $30. If that price seems high, you can indeed opt for other retailers that are offering similar products at much lower rates.

Leef microSD card reader

So what if your iPhone does not have a microSD card slot! You can make use of the Leef microSD card reader in order to give it one. This particular accessory is basically a card reader that sticks to your iPhone with the help of its Lightning port. You can then inset any microSD card into it to view its contents.

It is incredibly useful for those who use action cameras like GoPros. In order to access the files, you will be needed to download the MobileMemory app by Leef through the Apple App Store. Of course, this accessory also works with the iPad, and costs $50.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass

For unprecedented scratch protection on your iPhone, you have the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass. It costs around $20, and proffers scratch protection as well as resistance to oils that are released naturally by our skins. All this, while maintaining crystal clarity.

This accessory is easy to install as it can be applied to the screen by just aligning and pressing. It stands only 0.4mm thin, and its makers have built it in such a way that it does not interfere with the touchscreen sensitivity of the iPhone even a bit. The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass should prove to be incredibly useful for those who use their iPhones roughly.