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Genius announces CCD-based Slim 2400 DPI Scanner with Transparency Adapter and 7 Smart Buttons for ease of use, in India

Genius HR-Slim2400TA USB2.0 CCD 2400 dpi Scanner Genius has announced the launch of its HR-Slim2400TA USB2.0 CCD 2400 dpi Scanner with Transparency Adapter, in the Indian market.

The superior quality HR-Slim2400TA scanner displays software interpolation up to 65,535 dpi that offers great-looking colors producing excellent quality output everytime an image is scanned. It features 7 easy one-touch buttons that simplify the process of scanning. Transparency Adapter that can scan 35mm filmstrips up to five frames and one slide frame is also included.

Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp., said, “It’s a pleasure for us to offer the public the power of HR-Slim2400TA in our new Online Scanner service. Genius believes in empowering users to make the best buying decision.”

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Packaged along with a software to edit the images, Genius’ HR-Slim2400TA scanner offers space saving and easy portability for office, SOHO and Professional Home users.

The important features of the Genius slim 2400 DPI scanner in a gist:

  • Transparency adapter: Can scan up to five frames of filmstrip and one Slide Frame.
  • 7 hot buttons for ease of use: Cancel, Scan, Copy, E-mail, OCR, Scan to Web, Custom.
  • Color Rescue technology brings faded colors back to life.
  • Scan Wizard 5 for great image quality management
  • Simple Star Photo show Deluxe – Scan up to 4 photos at one time
  • Ulead Photo Explorer
  • ABBYY Fine Reader 5.0 Sprint OCR software for 58 languages
  • The Genius HR-Slim2400TA, is available through Transtek, Ingram Micro and Redington for Rs. 7550/-

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