Ricoh accomplishes color electronic paper display with enhanced brightness

Ricoh Logo Achieving bright images with high color image reproduction probably appears a cushy task for Ricoh. Since, the company recently pulled off well in accomplishing a display of color still images with about 2.5 times brighter and about 4 times wider color reproduction range.

The development has been made acquirable by utilizing Ricoh’s original display method and actualizes color electronic paper display with better brightness when compared with presently commercialized or announced color electronic paper technologies.

The distinguishing factor for an electronic paper comes in calling for no electric power except rewriting characters and images. Back in March, Ricoh had produced the organic electrochromic material generating three primary colors namely cyan, magenta and yellow while leveraging memory properties.

A simple laminating element structure was also developed at the same time, which formed three electrochromic layers between two substrates. The particular advancement enabled color electronic paper to see through a bright display at low power consumption and low cost.

The company is anticipated to speed up the development toward practical application by enhancing reliability and repetition durability and larger screen size. Undeterred by the fact that the growth will stretch out to comprise document display devices that can display fine characters, the evolution will progress with several applications maturating in parallel.

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