Microsoft cuts patent deal with Wistron over Android and Chrome devices

Wistron Microsoft Logos Microsoft inking patent deals with companies like Wistron over devices using Google software is hardly a big shocker. They’ve done something similar with Velocity Micro as well as General Dynamics Itronix in the past and we’re left wondering who will be the next to succumb to this easy way out of the courtroom.

Wistron is a Taiwan-based original design manufacturer (ODM) which spun away from Acer a few years ago. The patent agreement with Microsoft will have the company’s slates, mobile phones, e-readers and other CE resting on the Android or Chrome platform covered.

“We are pleased that Wistron is taking advantage of our industrywide licensing program, established to help companies address Android’s IP issues,” remarked Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel of Intellectual Property and Licensing, Microsoft.

Microsoft happens to have entered into over 700 agreements with various other names in the technology industry since launching their IP licensing program in 2003. The latest contract will ensure that the company receives royalties from the ODM, though the precise amount hasn’t been disclosed.

The exact details of the patent deal have not been revealed. All we know is that Wistron will probably not be the last to join others in swelling the Microsoft coffers.