Panasonic announces its Blu-ray 3D Advanced Authoring Center

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At the CES 2010 that was recently held in Las Vegas, Panasonic unveiled its plethora of Full HD 3D TV products. This array includes devices like Viera consumer 3D TVs and Prosumer Full HD 3D camcorder. Panasonic now reveals its fully operational Blu-ray 3D Advanced Authoring Center. This latest unveiling is situated at the company’s R&D facility in Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.

The center was revamped just recently and packed with all the latest 3D technological innovations based on Blu-ray Disc Association standards. The Blu-ray 3D Advanced Authoring Center provides filmmakers and studios with Blu-ray 3D image processing and interactive programming. It also offers them authoring and disc certification services which are set to make Blu-ray 3D Discs commercially by spring this year.

“Given Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory’s vast experience with HD image processing, we are confident that we lead the industry with MPEG-4 MVC (Multiview Video Coding) 3D image compression technology,” stated Jeannine Patton, Vice President & General Manager of the Advanced Authoring Center.

She further added, “This laboratory, located as we are in the world’s entertainment capital, is proud to offer the filmmaking community the industry’s first complete, end-to-end Blu-ray 3D encoding and authoring facility. Blu-ray 3D is an exciting new space for the home entertainment industry and our early research and collaboration was extremely helpful in determining what will provide the most compelling experience and optimum performance when designing for Blu-ray 3D.”

Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory has worked together with the creative community and studios at Hollywood in order to conduct Blu-ray 3D encoding and menu and subtitle authoring trials. All this was carried out before the Blu-ray 3D specifications were finalized. The Advanced Authoring Center hence has gained the expertise in advising and guiding various companies who are in the initial planning stages of a Blu-ray 3D title.

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