Google Earth and Prado Museum give high-resolution access to masterpieces

Descent of Christ at Prado

The latest happening on the Google front is that the Google Earth and Spain’s Prado Museum have teamed up to offer high-resolution view of paintings inside the museum.

The painting will be viewable in a resolution as high as 14-billion-pixel resolution. Apparently, Prado is giving this high-resolution access to fourteen of its wonderful arts. These include Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas, Goya’s Third of May and The Three Graces by Peter Paul Ruben amongst others.

“There is no better way to pay tribute to the great masters of the history of art than to universalize knowledge of their works using optimum conditions,” Prado director Miguel Zugaza said to Washington Post.

Those keen to view these masterpieces should download Google Earth first and then feast on the great detailing of these paintings by zooming in to make visible every single centimeter.

Apparently, each of the paintings have been clicked over hundreds of times and each of the photograph has been patched together to bring a larger than life view for Google Earth users.

To view these paintings, one will have to locate the Prado Museum on Earth and click on it and then thumbnails of the fourteen paintings will be displayed for the user to choose and view.