Sifymail launches World In Your Inbox mail service


Sify Technologies has launched its new mail service from the Sifymail – the “World In Your Inbox” (WIYI).

WIYI offers 7 GB of mailbox capacity, faster downloads, and boasts of being more than a mail service with ‘best spam filters’ and 99 percent uptime facility.

Also it is providing an innovative new facility of personalizing inbox to its users for them to make their mail box virtually their home page also with the help of various applications offered by Sify.

Venkata Rao Mallineni, Head-Portals & Consumer Marketing, Sify Technologies Limited, said, “With internet applications and tools evolving rapidly, we felt the need to add value to Sify users by providing a one stop platform for all their Internet needs. The new Sifymail WIYI is a perfect blend of email and applications that will not just enhance the user’s experience with us, but benefit them functionally. For the first time ever, all this functionality is enabled from their inbox, making it their home page on the Internet”.

The new advantages of being a WIYI user are that one gets a wide range of widgets, customizable windows for the inbox that will result in the “My Sify” page along with the mail window.

The My Sify pages helps users add or change widgets according to their preference with the help of simple drag and drop operations and keep only the kind of content they want to keep ranging from news updates, sports, social networking platforms, movies and even access to their other mail accounts.

Also enabled are simultaneous inter-mail chat, advanced search, Sify documents, Sify spreadsheets and Sify Calendar for online management of personal information; sticking true to its name ‘World In Your Inbox’.