TiVo Users can now access Amazon Unbox Videos from TVs sans PCs

Amazon Unbox and TiVo Logos Starting today, online retailer Amazon and TiVo will allow customers to download movies directly from Amazon to a TiVo box without the need for a PC.

With the launch of this new service, customers of Amazon.com’s Unbox download service will be able to order movies directly from their TVs.

This new “Buy on TV” feature allows TiVo users to search Amazon’s video catalogue after which they can rent or even purchase titles using their TiVo remote control.

Amazon’s Unbox on TiVo service delivers near-DVD quality programs. TV shows costs $1.99 per episode, while major movies will be available for purchase (not for rent) on the same day they are released on DVD for prices starting at $7.97. Older films will have prices starting at $1.99.

This new feature works for owners of TiVo Series2 and Series3broadband-connected DV-Rs.

Amazon’s Unbox on TiVo service has over 1100 movies available for rent and more than 2000 movie titles for purchase. Dozens of new titles are added every week.

This feature happens to be the latest example of how companies such as Microsoft, Apple and even Wal-Mart are trying to find ways to deliver online videos to customers’ living rooms.