SOHO Protective Laptop Sleeves for MacBooks unveiled by iSkin

iSkin SOHO Line of Protective Sleeves for Laptops

Laptop owners are always in search of a protective case that’s stylish, effective and compact. Now, iSkin, the makers of various protective skins for gadgets such as iPods, MacBooks and other Apple products, has come out with a new line of laptop protective sleeves for the MacBook, MacBook Pro and similarly sized PCs.

The new SOHO line of laptop protective sleeves from iSkin has been made using premium synthetic leather and dyed using only environmentally safe inks.

SOHO Protective Sleeves Moreover, these laptop sleeves for your MacBook perfectly encapsulate the body of the laptop keeping it safe from everyday hazards.

The SOHO line of laptop protective sleeves is available in twp separate sizes for the 13” MacBook, 15” MacBook Pro and can also accommodate older PowerBooks, iBooks and similarly sized PCs.

According to Tomas Rojcik of iSkin, “People need sturdy, functional protection for their computers but don’t want to carry around something that conflict with their personal style. SOHO is sophisticated enough for the professionals, yet stylish enough for the student- and it proves computer protection can be as great looking as it is practical.”

The SOHO line of protective sleeves for laptops come in five trendy colors which include Azure Black with Blue), Graphite (Black with Grey), Magnum (Black with Red), Sahara (Black with Orange) and Amazon (Black with Pink).

The complete SOHO line is available at iSkin web site, and costs $59.99 for the 13-inch case, and $64.99 for the 15-inch one.