Moser Baer and Pyramid Saimira team up in Home Video deal

Moser Baer Logo Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd., a cinema chain operator has teamed up with digital disc maker Moser Baer India Ltd. to tap India’s growing home video market. Through this deal, the two companies hope to beat the grey market for compact Discs (CDs) and DVDs with copyrighted versions of movies produced, distributed or exhibited by them.

According to G. Dhananjay, chief operating officer of Moser Baer’s entertainment division, “This is the beginning of a new chapter for viewers who want to see movies of their choice.”

The deal also foresees Moser Baer releasing home videos of movies shown in Pyramid theatres, which in turn would serve as additional points of sale. Profits would be split equally between Moser Baer and Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd.

Dhananjay also mentioned that home videos made by Moser Baer would come out typically after 4-6 weeks of theatre release. Retailing will be done both through their own outlets and franchisees. “Retailing is the key. We have to ensure that every store stocks our products and we are present everywhere,” he added.

Pyramid has around 256 screens in Tamil Nadu, India and has future plans of releasing 100 films in Southern India. “We have just launched in the southern markets and we will be looking at the Hindi market soon,” Dhananjay said, adding that similar talks were on with other production houses.

Moser Baer, a maker of blank optical storage media, moved into entertainment sector, selling films on DVDs for 34 rupees each and video CDs at 28 rupees each.