Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 Results declared

Google Wordmasters 2006 Stage

Google India has finally announced the winners of Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006. After keeping everyone in suspense for weeks, the list of winners is finally out for every one to view.

The Google wordmasters Challenge 2006 Indiadrew a very enthusiastic response from around 3000 participants from across the nation. Judges of the Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 included leading authors Anita Nair and Bakhtiar K Dadabhoy, as well as a number of Google representatives.

The overall winner of the Google Wordmasters 2006 is Vamsi Krishna Nakkina, from Hyderabad. Vamsi Krishna Nakkina will receive a creative writing course from a reputed university abroad as well as a cash prize of Rs. 1, 00,000.

Google India has named Karunguzhi Nalini from Bangalore and Amrita Singh from Delhi as runners-up of the Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006. The second runners-up, Karunguzhi Nalini receives a cash-prize of Rs.75, 000 and Amrita Singh, the third runners-up of the competition will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.

Besides, the top 10 Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 winners have also been invited to visit the Google Hyderabad office, to meet up with the Google team and to explore Google’s dynamic working environment.

The top 10 finalists of the Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 are as follows:

  • Vamsi Krishna Nakkina, Hyderabad
  • Karunguzhi Nalini, Bangalore
  • Amrita Singh, Delhi
  • Shriganesh Joshi, Mumbai
  • Shyamalima Sengupta, Bangalore
  • Ravi Rao, Mumbai
  • Tulika Srimal, Hyderabad
  • Debdutta Saha, Hyderabad
  • Terence Tuhinanshu, Indore
  • Geeta Ganapathy, Bangalore