Xbox 360 Incorporates InterVideo’s DVD Engine for Video Playback

Xbox 360 InterVideo Inc. announced that the new Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft integrates the DVD engine from InterVideo’s WinDVD for video playback. InterVideo has been in a licensing agreement with Microsoft in May 2005.

In today’s digital lifestyle, the Xbox 360 makes a statement of its own by providing customers with a high-definition gaming experience, multi-channel audio fidelity and high-quality DVD playback.

Apart from being a highly versatile entertainment solution, InterVideo’s DVD playback software delivers support for display on high-resolution progressive and interlaced monitors as well as decoding high definition television content.

When the Xbox 360 is combined with a Windows XP Media Center (MCE) 2005-based PC, users have a complete home entertainment center that can control everything from watching and recording live television, to playing and recording digital music, to viewing and manipulating video, DVDs and photos. InterVideo, which is designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition Partner, said it had guaranteed that the DVD playback software packed with the Xbox 360 works impeccably in MCE environments.

“With the launch of the Xbox 360, Microsoft is delivering much more than a powerful game-playing device,” said Steve Ro, InterVideo CEO and President. “The new Xbox has earned its place in the living room by offering a full range of home entertainment functions. We’re delighted with the role InterVideo DVD playback software will play in making the entertainment capabilities of the 360 even more enjoyable.”

Director of Business Development, Microsoft Entertainment, Ray DiCasparro said, “Microsoft is very pleased with the work InterVideo has done to deliver high-quality movie playback on the Xbox 360 and its work in PC/CE convergence.” DiCasparro continued, “InterVideo’s DVD playback engine complements both the Xbox 360 and Windows XP Media Center Edition technology, while providing consumers with a more CE-like experience on their PC.”

The Xbox 360 is now available in the U.S., Europe and Japan as well as in Mexico and Columbia. The gaming system will be available in Korea on February 24, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore on March 2, Australia and New Zealand on March 2. Microsoft hopes to transport 4.5 million to 5.5 million Xbox 360 systems by June 2006.