Kosmix- the Desi Google Launched

kosmix logo Two computer geniuses, Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan who studied at Stanford University along with Google co-founders – Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are introducing to compete with the search giant.

Rajaram and Harinarayan, also among the co-founders of web database company Junglee, have developed a new search engine, www.kosmix.com, which goes live today. They claim that Kosmix with its deep search technology will improve upon Google’s one-glove-fits-all approach.

While Google searches pages based on popularity; Kosmix promises to work in a different way, and will have classification based on content. With Kosmix, users will be asked to define a search category, and the search engine will then find Webpages that are closely associated in meaning with the search term.

The creators of Kosmix say that while Google may work well when you are looking for a specific answer, Kosmix will help you when there is no one right answer.

Kosmix – which has already started testing a health search on its website, will launch several other search categories over 2007.