Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand to accentuate your Plasma

Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand

This is no gadget, hardware or software news. It’s furniture news. No, TechShout.com has not turned into a furniture site, but we just couldn’t resist reporting about this awesome looking Wenge TV Stand by Anora Home.

What is the sense of having a breath-taking massive plasma and a not-so cool stand or support adorning it. Your search would probably end with the Wenge TV stand. It’s made from two thick slabs of Wenge wood that sandwich a convenient storage space for you to put your DVD collection in, or whatever else. It stands atop a sturdy aluminum base, and the TV panel swivels so you can watch that plasma head-on from any corner of your living room. A frosted glass shelf is suspended between the two components to accommodate additional electronic equipment or accessories.

At 43″(L) x 43.5″(H) x 16.5″(W), the Wenge TV Hi-Fi Stand would be a great way to satisfy any family’s multimedia requirements. There’s no price listed for Wenge TV Hi-Fi Stand on the website, but we can’t imagine this being too cheap.