Indian actress Sues Maxim magazine for publishing swimsuit picture

Maxin Logo An Indian actress has filed a complaint against the Indian edition of popular British men’s magazine Maxim. She claimed that the magazine has used a fake picture of her in a skimpy swimsuit in order to sell copies on the back of controversy.

Maxim is a men’s lifestyle magazine which was launched in India earlier this month. Its representatives have expressed have apologized over the issue. They further noted that they hope the matter would be resolved cordially.

South Indian Actress Khushboo In the wee hours of Monday night, Actress Khushboo met the commissioner Chennai and lodged the complaint.

Khushboo, a leading South Indian actress of the 1990s, spoke on the issue, saying, “The magazine’s publisher telephoned me to apologize and also promised to meet me and discuss some settlement.”

However, the publisher is accused of not having followed through on his word. The actress added, “He has not kept his word. I will not accept any out-of-court settlement now and will file a defamation suit against Maxim.”

The editor of the Indian edition of Maxim, Sunil Mehra, said he hoped Khushboo would not take the matter further. “We are deeply apologetic for causing any inadvertent hurt and offence to Khushboo,” Mehra told Reuters by telephone.

He said, “We are in the business of respecting and celebrating rather than denigrating women. It’s an unfortunate episode and I hope it will be resolved amicably.”

Chennai police Chief R. Nataraj said copies of the magazine would be held. “We will certainly proceed as per law,” he said.