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6 GarageBand Alternatives

GarageBand Alternatives

The GarageBand alternatives featured here allow you to create pure musical masterpieces via your PC. They each slide to the forefront armed with a whole slew of exciting attributes that should have any musician or acoustic enthusiast grinning from ear to ear. GarageBand is solely fashioned to please Mac and iOS device owners, the options we’ve mentioned here go beyond that particular niche and attempt to satisfy audiophiles who prefer a different system altogether.

1 – FL Studio:

FL Studio

Looking for an impressive package that houses all the things you need to produce great sounds? Well, we suggest you try your hand at FL Studio. It comes packed to the hilt with features that allow you to record, compose, edit, arrange, mix and master professional quality music. Some of the attributes read as synthesizer and effect plugin hosting, multi-track audio recording, sequencing, and real-time audio effects.

The Windows-compatible software comes in the form of 4 flavors which start at $49 namely, Signature bundle, Producer edition, Fruity edition, and Express. And if you’re an Apple aficionado, you’ll be glad to know that there are applications created especially for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad priced at just under $16 and $20, respectively.

2 – Acoustica Mixcraft:

Acoustica Mixcraft 6

Noted to be a multi-track recording workstation and music production program, Acoustica Mixcraft forays onto the scene with tons of music loops, virtual instruments, and audio effects. Create your acoustic masterpieces by remixing tracks, adding effects and scores, and composing music with MIDI clips and 11 built-in virtual instruments. Once you’re done with your composition, you’ll be left with a polished piece of aural art.

YouTube video

Produce like a professional with features such as multi-take loop recording, ReWire hosting, pitch-shifting and time-stretching. This entrant in our software like GarageBand roster is up for grabs at just under $75 and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

3 – LMMS:


Although this program seems to be christened with a fairly simple title, its features are anything but bland. The cross-platform software lets you unleash groovy melodies and foot-tapping tunes by using just your Linux or Windows PC. You can expect to see a Beat+Bassline-Editor, instrument and effect-plugins, user-friendly Piano-Roll and Song Editor for creating your very own unique tracks.

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There’s even an essential FX mixer that comes complete with different effects and 64 FX channels. You’ll also be able to seamlessly import FLP and MIDI files right here. Now, after mentioning a handful of programs that came attached with price tags, this beat making and music composing software can be availed of absolutely free of cost.

4 – Cakewalk Sonar:

Cakewalk Sonar X2

If you’re on the lookout for a professional software treat and didn’t find it already, then we urge you to take a peek at this particular inclusion in our software similar to GarageBand lineup. The digital audio workstation enables you to toggle seamlessly between mixing, mastering, performing, editing and recording, all through the Skylight user interface.

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What’s more, Cakewalk Sonar also features an Overloud TH2 amp simulator, R-Mix Sonar, ProChannel Console Emulator and a plethora of enhancements. The program comes bundled up in three versions namely Producer, Studio and Essential which are priced at $499, $199 and $99, respectively. If you fall under the Pro category, then making sweet-sounding melodies will be a ‘cakewalk’ for you.

5 – Audacity:


The cross-platform, open-source digital audio editor and recorder can be used for carrying out a host of actions. Some of these include editing MP3, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV sound files as well as mixing different sounds together by cutting, splicing and copying selected audio bits. What’s more, you can even transform all your much-loved retro records and tapes into CDs or digital recordings.

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You’ll also be able to smoothly alter the pitch and speed of a particular recording piece. The feature list further comprises of a Timer Record, On-Demand import of WAV or AIFF files, unlimited sequential undo, and redo and various innovative effects. And besides running smoothly on Windows PCs, it’s also compatible with GNU/Linux and Mac OS X systems.

6 – Acid Music Studio:

Acid Music Studio

The next contender in our software like GarageBand roundup jumps right out from the house of Sony. Through Acid Music Studio, you’ll be able to compose and share your catchy tunes with the world by simply dabbling in a plethora of interesting tools, even if you are new in the business. To start belting out sweet music, all you have to do is attach your instrument or microphone to your PC and hit the ‘Record’ button.

YouTube video

You can also remix imported songs and take complete advantage of studio-quality audio effects and MIDI editing tools. Prancing across the scenario tagged with the line, ‘a complete home recording studio,’ this Sony brainchild can be all yours after you part ways with just under $65. It’s further compatible with PCs endowed with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 OS.


GarageBand from Apple proffers a ‘Mac-size practice space’ for all you musically-inclined individuals out there. You can compose music, learn to play an instrument and even record a song, all without having to stop by a professional recording studio. GarageBand is also infused with integrated audio filters and other such features.

Now, what if you prefer to use the PC instead of your Mac or iOS device? Well, fret not as all of the aforementioned GarageBand alternatives are crafted for other platforms as well. What’s more, there are a few delights that are available absolutely free of cost. Do check them all out and leave your favorite ones in the space right here.

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