Games2win Creates “Revenge Of The Tandoori Chicken”, a Casual Game Based On Bird Flu-hit Chicken

Games2win logo, a casual gaming site and division of Contest2win, has announced a specially designed casual game based on the plight of the chicken in the country, dubbed “Revenge Of The Tandoori Chicken”.

India’s poultry industry has undergone for massive losses after the detection of the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain in western India.

The game play of “Revenge Of The Tandoori Chicken” consists of the player enacting the role of “Tandoori Chicken” and shooting down his one-time admirers, the highway travelers, who have now gone against it. The game also includes a scoring system showing individual scores and a top ten list. is planning to come out with more sequels of the game to support the struggle of “Tandoori Chicken” in regaining his lost glory.