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Games that stole the hearts of fans at E3

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The exciting E3 conference came to a close nearly two weeks back. At the event, loads of gaming enthusiasts got a glimpse of many games that were yet to release. But after the whole hullabaloo has settled down, we wonder which games have actually won the hearts of the gaming audience.

The online buzz volume declared that many new games were popular during the E3. Among these, New Super Mario Brothers Wii apparently led the array. According to a Video Game Tracking survey carried out last week by Nielsen, Halo ODST and God of War III are among the front runners. Twelve games have got a positive response and are rated accordingly. These titles were either demoed or shown as trailers during the event.

Halo ODST, God of War III and Wii Sports Resort bagged the first three spots with 53%, 49% and 45% votes respectively. This group was followed by the musically inclined game Guitar Hero 5 and the popular Final Fantasy XIII generating 42% and 37% votes respectively. Madden 2010 and Guitar Hero: Van Halen closely ensued with 35% and 34% votes respectively. Assassins Creed 2, Need for Speed: Shift, Need for Speed: Nitro and NCAA Football 10 all got 32% votes. The Beatles Rock Band got the least votes with only 30%.

It was also noted that the interest consumers showed in buying the games did not have any drastic change before E3 and even after. There may have been just a slight dip or increment in the ratings.