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8 Games Like Zwinky

Games like Zwinky invite you to step into a virtual world where you can create your own onscreen avatar and take part in various fun activities.

In Zwinky, you can dress up your feisty character with the latest threads, decorate a special space that’s allotted only for you and your friends, and even shop for new clothes. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible by answering trivia questions, guessing celebrity names from photos, watching videos and winning contests with other players. You earn points based on your level ranking which increases every time you do one of these activities successfully (and then decreases if you lose).

If you’re looking for Zwinky alternatives that offer similar features, then the following list of options should provide some inspiration.

1 – WoozWorld:

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Aimed at tweens and teens, WoozWorld is noted to be a social network and virtual world where ‘creativity is the only limit.’ And just like Zwinky, you can choose whether your onscreen character is a boy or girl. It takes just 2 easy steps to create your Woozen. First, you select your cool avatar and then proceed to punch in your account information.

WoozWorld is free to join too. Hop online to meet new friends and hang out with them, decorate your own funky space, set new trends, throw parties, run your own business and compete in fun contests. As far as safety is concerned, the portal proffers a supervised chat tool that permits only pre-approved worlds.

2 – Gaia Online:

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Gaia Online is an anime-themed social networking website it boasts of including fun forums that deal with hot trending topics. The amalgamation is also infused with other enticing features such as a plethora of fun games and the ability to create a funky-looking character by opting from a variety of items like hairstyles, clothes, accessories, pets, and weapons.

It’s a one-stop-shop for discussing the latest topics of interest such as sci-fi, anime, politics, fantasy, comics or life in general. You even have the option of going in solo or competing with friends when you dive into the slew of mini-games like fishing, jigsaw, pinball, racing, word puzzles, and zOMG!.

3 – WeeWorld:

Image 03Head straight down to WeeWorld and create a free WeeMee – your onscreen avatar. And through this snazzy character, you can express yourself, play games, and even make a few new friends along the way. You can purchase more cool items for your WeeMee by successfully completing jobs to earn green points. Catering to tweens and teens alike, it even throws the focus lights on drug awareness programs, charitable campaigns, hobbies, and celebrities.

And talking about the stars, did you know that personalities such as Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Willow, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, and Jason Derulo have WeeMees right here?

4 – Poptropica:

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Poptropica hurls you into a vibrant virtual world that involves reading comics and books, taking part in fun activities, and competing in various challenges by going head-to-head with your new pals. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 years can hop right in and create their very own Poptropican character and proceed to explore new islands that house loads of fun games.

Additionally, you can embark on quests, watch fun movies and collect interesting objects along the way. Here too you can breathe a sigh of relief as far as safety is concerned. The website allows children to communicate with others using just scripted chats.

5 – Second Life

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Second Life is one of most popular virtual world games, where players can create their own onscreen avatar and explore a huge variety of different environments. It is also a social networking site, so you can make friends and build relationships with people from all over the world. Second Life is more geared towards an adult audience.

The world inside Second Life is entirely made up from the imagination of its residents: everything you see was created by someone in the game. Many players find that Second Life is great for exploring aspects of themselves they never knew existed – be it through dancing or playing guitar in front of an admiring audience, creating new recipes to share with other members of your community, or even dressing up as a superhero.

6 – Habbo:

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Habbo is a virtual world that’s been around since 2000. In Habbo, you can create your own avatar and chat with other players, attend social evnts, make friends or even get married. Habbo offers a lot of features similar to Zwinky, but it has a much older demographic than the former so you may not find it as appealing if you’re younger.

Habbo’s developers also offer a mobile app for iOS and Android, which you can download to get the full Habbo experience on your phone or tablet in addition to playing through your browser.

7 – Fantage:

Image 05The safe and fun terrain is a great place to foray into when you want to play exciting games, dress up your onscreen avatar and make new friends from different parts of the world. Create a funky character and customize him or her with a stylish hairdo, clothing items, and distinctive features. As the brains behind this endeavor reveal, the website also houses social games, educational activities, and advanced customization options.

With the tagline, ‘entertaining as well as knowledge-building’ attached to it, Fantage features interesting topics like math, geography, language, arts, and logic games. And lastly, you can opt from a trio of communication options like Fantage chat, safe chat, and no chat.

8 – SmallWorlds:

Image 06After shedding light on some games similar to Zwinky that were aimed at younger audiences, here’s one that proffers a fine collection of activities crafted for individuals aged 13 and above. SmallWorlds is littered with arcades, cafes, and clubs where you and your friends can hang out on the virtual terrain. You can also create your very own dream home and furnish it with items and plants as well.

To add to it all, you’ll even be able to adopt an adorable kitten or puppy to keep you company. Teach it tricks, care for it and even get it to learn the Moonwalk. Go shopping and spend tokens that you’ve earned by playing a variety of games available here.


‘A world of fun, all in one extension,’ is the tagline attached to the title in the spotlight. It’s a virtual haven where friends and fashion collide. Here you can show off your creativity by designing snazzy outfits for your online avatar, and mixing and matching different pieces of clothing so that your tantalizing trends can take the world of Zwinktopia by storm. There are tons of things to do here like decorating your dream room where friends can chill out or shopping at celebrity boutiques and themed stores.

Now if you wish to experience similar elements, well you can try your hand at any of the aforesaid games like Zwinky. What’s more, it’s free to create accounts through most of these websites. So why not give them all a go and return with your favorite names?